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It is said that the noble art of boxing originated in Ancient Greece, where grand boxing competitions were organized to commemorate the fallen...


To be more specific, it was Achilles who organized the first matches in honor of his slain friend Patroclus, who died in the Trojan War. The Funeral Games were the first glimpse of organized Greek athletics (The Iliad XXIII), which some believe to be the precursor of The Olympics as we know today. 




Nowadays, most boxers are infused with a similar disposition for honor, loyaly, determination and bravery as the boxers of old. By challenging opponents, stretching the limits of physical abilities and testing mental toughness, boxing goes beyond mere fist fighting. 


Many boxers do not only leave a mark by excelling in this sport, but become truly great by their persona outside the ring, while applying the same values, rituals and attitude used inside the ropes. 


The Noble XII meets the needs of the boxing minded and represents a way of life that goes beyond the 12 rounds, encompassing many facets of life. 



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Our Aim


Boxing has always been a gentleman’s sport. The Noble XII is founded to pay homage to the values of the sport, and both the renowned and lesser-known legends. 


We strive to impact the world in a positive way by enabling honorable men to acquire products inspired by the noble art of boxing. Our products allow users to exhibit their sense of taste and represent the noble characteristics and values derived from the sport. 


Through our network of boxers and artisans we are able to converge the best of different worlds, and bring to life refined and distinctive products. Products that inspire the world, influence it and impact it in a positive way. 


Our brand is an ode to all great boxers who came before us; those who participate(d) in the noble art; and a celebration of the modern day gentleman.  


We encourage devotees to the sport to become 'Members of the Club'...